Edinger Real Estate

Selling Information

As a company that live and work locally Edinger Real Estate is continuing to deliver the best possible outcome for its clients through quality service.

Having been in the real estate industry around Perth in excess of thiry years and having experienced the sharp downturns and upturns in the market,  this has put our experienced agents in the best possible position to achieve the highest selling price as well as the perfect selling experience through honest, timely and regular feedback throughout the duration of the listing.

The current 'slow' market in and around the city can produce a negative outlook for both vendors and agents.  We have learnt during our long history in the real estate market that thing eventually improve and try and help owner realise that things don't stay the same forever!!

Being a family owned and operated company not only do we work together, we have lived with each other for many years! This ensures communication levels within the office and within the sales team is of a high level.

Our sales team will ensure, no matter what the type of sale or climate, that we will get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible without sacrificing service.

To discuss the further intricate parts of a sale through Edinger Real Estate please contact our office.